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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Karaoke Player V3 FAQ

    bootleg names I have at this time Cole Knight/Dylan Cole/Scott Whitlock/Scott Weylan and shawn small. really, your going to ask for help using one of the above names.....

    I open my roxbox and click on anything and I keep getting a error. 
    it says could not find file 'C\Some\folder\names\something.mdb'.
    Location: Procedure (cmdSearch_Click) - Module (frmRoxBox)
    Line number: 108
    i cant figure it out and it keeps closing my system. Can you please help?
    you database file is missing and roxbox thinks it is
    to fix this, run roxbox, do 'file', 'open appdata folder' and in the window that opens, copy the address line at the top, it should be something like 'c:\users\yourname\appdata\local\virtual store\program files (x86)\roxbox' or 'c:\users\yourname\appdata\roaming\roxbox'
    in roxbox, do 'database', 'select' and in the window that opens, down where it is asking for a file name, past that line and click the open button, now you should see a file called 'songlist'  or 'songlist.mdb', left click it once to select it then click the open button at the bottom. 
    now search for a song and you should be good to go.
    Can I play zipped MP3+G files?
    Yes, You can play zipped or unzipped.
    If I do not like two CDG screens, can I remove one?

    Yes, right click on the CDG screen you do not want, select config (if you have that option), uncheck enable and click ok. If you do not see config, you will have to delete the 'gen_cdg1.dll' file from the 'roxbox\winamp\plugins' folder.

    How can I make the font size in "search player windows" bigger for us OLD TIMERS:

    In the Karaoke Player do 'File', 'Open INI File' and look for the tag '[PlayerQue1]' then look for 'ListViewFontSize' and change it to what you want, just close roxbox first as it will over write any changes you make if you have it open.

    This is part of my ini file.

  • [PlayerQue1]
  • track1= 4800
  • Splitter= 4800
  • ...
  • ListViewFont=Arial Narrow
  • ListViewFontSize=8.25
  • ListViewFontColor=-2147483640
  • ListViewBackColor=-2147483643
  • ARtime=15
  • [PlayerQue2]
  • track1= 4800
  • ...  
  • After installing RoxBox, I received an "Error Loading Winamp"!
    If winamp is installed in the folder 'c:\Program files\roxbox\winamp\' then roxbox can find it without change. Pacemaker 1.32 needs to be working too. If Winamp is NOT installed in the above folder, you need to edit the 'roxbox karaoke player.ini' file and look at the first 6 lines. Two of the lines will have the path and exe name of winamp. Change them to match the location and name of your winamp.exe file.
    What does CDG, MCG, and MP3_G stand for?

    This is something that confuses a lot of people do to the fact that some use 'CDG' to refer to the 'RAW' music and graphics as it would be on a CD (this should be called 'BIN' or 'RAW' in my opinion), while others use it to refer to just the graphics part of the data. CAVS uses 'CDG' to refer to its own file format. The following are the terms as uses by RoxBox:'CDG' = the graphic part of a karaoke song that is the exact same as what is on a karaoke CD without the music.

    'BIN' = the 'RAW' data, music and graphics as it is on the CD.

    'WAV' = the music data as it is on the CD without the graphic data.

    'MP3' = a compressed form of the 'WAV' data.

    'MP3+G' = 'MP3' file for music and a 'CDG' file for the graphics.

    CAVS uses the names differently as follows:

    'CDG' = CAVS own graphic data format

    'CDG(rw)' = what RoxBox and most others call 'CDG'

    'MCG' = CAVS own graphic data format

    'NCG' = encrypted version of 'MCG' or 'CDG(rw)' or 'CDG'

    If you have others, please feel free to send them to me at frank at roxbox dot net and I will add them.
    I am a new owner and need assistance with registering.
    You have three items in the registration. Owner Trans Serial In the Karaoke Player, click ‘help’, ‘register’, you should have the same three items. Cut and Paste the items from your email or type them in. the CaSe of letters matter. In the trans number, L and 1 will look alike as will o and 0 ‘zero’, so you may have to try both. In the serial number, you have only numbers from 0 to 9 and letters A to F. Check that your version of the Karaoke Player and your Registration information match.
    What is the best way to store Karaoke? Zipped or not?
    Most players can play zip files. You save about 500k to 1MB per song as the CDG part compress good. On a full 250 GIG drive, you get about 50 GIG free by changing to zip. The Karaoke Player will play both zipped and unzipped as most players do.
    Search only shows a small amount of my songs, why?

    When I do it a search with the Karaoke Player, it only shows a couple of songs. Am I doing something wrong? No, I added a limit to the number of songs the player will return in the search. You CAN change this limit! Reason for the limit is that if you are running a show and have SAYT selected and type in the word ‘the’, it could take some time for the list to return. Set limits are 50 for SAYT and 500 for normal search. To change: Run the Karaoke Player, select ‘file’, ’open ini file’. Close the Karaoke Player. In the ini file, find and change SAYTcount=50 and Searchcount=500 to values that you want. 5000 would be a MAX value for SAYT and 50000 for Searchcount. Close and save the ini file. Run the Karaoke Player and test your search!

    Karaoke File Converter
    What does the Karaoke File Converter do?
    Converts SuperCDGs, NEOGs and CAVS systems to MP3+G.

    Does it convert Normal Karaoke CDs?

    What do I use for Normal Karaoke CDs?
    What does Rip-n-Zip do?
    Extracts (RIPS) the music and graphics from a Karaoke CD to your computer as MP3+G.

    The page you requested either is no longer available or access to it has been restricted.

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