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      Karaoke Software

    Welcome to RoxBox!

    RoxBox provides easy-to-use karaoke software that helps karaoke host worldwide run their karaoke show more efficiently at an affordable price.  RoxBox addresses the specific and evolving needs of karaoke host seeking proven alternatives to more costly and inflexible software products.
    As one of the fastest growing  software brands in the karaoke industry, RoxBox offers a wide range of features to enhance the karaoke host and help present a professional show.   RoxBox products all share important attributes: ease of use, reliability and a loyal, enduring customer base.

    All Software from RoxBox is DOWNLOAD only and your Registration Codes will be e-mailed to the e-mail address you supply during checkout.

    When you download or install RoxBox Software, You may have to turn off your virus scanner, as some of them have been flagging RoxBox as a Virus... RoxBox Software does not have a virus, over 10 years of installs and no one has got a virus from RoxBox.

    This has been reported to them, but it takes time for them to correct the error.

    If you have trouble or need help, Please call!
    Tech Support phone hours:
    Mon-Fri 8am to noon and 5pm to 10pm
    Sat-Sun noon to 10pm

    RoxBox does not and cannot sell or give away music and does NOT include music!

    Featured Products
    Show product details for Karaoke Player V3

    Karaoke Player V3

    Price $79.00

    The RoxBox Karaoke Player will make your night more enjoyable with Auto Play, Auto Fade and the "Fastest Free Form" song search on the market!

    Show product details for Karaoke File Converter V4

    Karaoke File Converter V4

    Price $39.00

    Convert your Super CDG, NEOG or JB199 files to MP3+G for use with Computer Karaoke Players like RoxBox NEEDS Net 4.5.1 to run

    Show product details for Rip-n-Zip V4

    Rip-n-Zip V4

    Price $19.00

    Convert your Karaoke CDs to MP3+G for use with Computer Karaoke Players like the RoxBox Karaoke Player NEEDS Net 4.5.1 to run

    Show product details for CDGClean V4

    CDGClean V4

    Price $29.00

    This Program cleans the errors from most CDG files

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